State of Nebraska Death Registration Assessment Specialist in Lincoln, Nebraska

Death Registration Assessment Specialist


$14.68 Hourly


Lincoln, NE

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Health & Human Services Department

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5/24/2018 11:59 PM Central

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1033 O st, Lincoln, Gold's Building

Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Examples of Work

The Division of Public Health is seeking a Staff Assistant I to work as Death Registration Assessment Specialist. This position will work closely with other supports and agencies such as County Attorney, Funeral Homes, Doctors, and providers. This position will prepare the annual legislature report on those death certificate requests which exceed 21 days. The essential duties of this position are to track, monitor, and resolve problems during the processing of requested death certificates, mainly ones that have been requested longer than twenty-one days. Reduce the overall time it takes to process and issue death records to the general public. This position additionally will assess the quality of cause of death data submitted and work with Vital Records staff, DHHS staff, medical certifiers, and their association and training institutions tom improve the quality of cause of death data submitted. Additional duties and responsibilities may include the following: Examines and processes forms, documents, and reports, calculates associated fees or other billings, and responds to requests and inquiries, related to permitting, licensing, application, certification, registration, or other agency program-administrative processes and operations. Searches/identifies and summarizes pertinent data from statistical, financial, work activity, administrative, and/or program records; creates forms, documents, textual-numerical-graphic material, to assist others in collecting and presenting information for decision-making. Compiles and checks documents, records, and reports to confirm accuracy, completeness, and status of information and process requests or transactions, and/or to provide the supervisor or other employees with information for making decisions. Enters, updates, retrieves, and deletes current and archival data, files, records, and documents within hard copy or electronic databases or other record keeping systems; maintains equipment or material procurement, tracking, inventory, or other records. Implements program-administrative service monitoring/evaluation processes to provide the means for the supervisor to determine the effectiveness of operations directed and associated problems. Explains policies, criteria, procedures, and processes pertinent to the program-administrative functions to agency employees, state and local officials, and the public to answer their inquiries and to facilitate proper application of these directives and processes. Contacts agency or other state/local government employees to obtain operational assistance or to relay and verify information on resources available; operates specialized communication equipment (e.g., electronic, audio and/or visual devices).

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Coursework/training in administrative/office support functions, procedures, and methods including the operation of personal computers and office equipment; research; or areas related to the programs and functions of the employing agency. OR Experience in performing administrative/office/secretarial support work including use of personal computers and office equipment.

PREFERRED: Clerical/office support experience in medical field, public sector/state agency experience with NE systems and software, experience in analyzing data and quality assurance/review. Additional experience in Excel, Word, Vital Records ERS software, Shazam, NFocus and Report Builder.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: basic statistics, development of graphics, charts and survey tools; death records completion analysis, anatomy, and/or medical field terminology; sources of information pertinent to the assigned work; the principles and practices of record keeping. Ability to: formulate and recommend alternative courses of action to meet agency and operational goals and objectives; communicate in person and by telephone, computer, email, or correspondence to exchange information and ideas; summarize technical data and results of research and monitoring activities into reports; understand and apply instructions and program-administrative policies and directives; implement decisions made and take actions selected by others to achieve work objectives, performance goals, and priorities; learn the organizational structure, mission, and activities of the employing agency; learn agency policies and procedures pertinent to the work assigned.